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Get listed on GlobalSurfers, get customers!


Want to be listed in the business directory on the country page were you are located?

For only $125 Dollars per year you will get your business listed right on the page where it matters...

(Country page and Forum thread page: totaling 1000's of pages, are the most popular pages on GlobalSurfers; this is where your ad will appear)

This is a low cost solution to make sure your business gets seen by your target audience.

A text ad that will link directly to your website.

Setting it up:

-Easy, click on the PayPal button,

-Write your text ad

-We approve it*

-Start recieving targeted visitors to your website for a full year.

We are offering this service for the low fee of $125 dollars per year.
However since space is limited and spaces are starting to become limited, the price is likely to go up soon.

* we reserve the right to reject the offer, if we feel that the companies ads are not suitable for the audience of GlobalSurfers. A refund will be given when the company / ad is rejected.


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