Surfing South America

South America 2 huge coastlines both open to swell from lots of directions. South America is a place where you can find one of the longest waves in the world, where you can surf it with a very mellow crowd.

Brasil had produced many quality top surfers in the last 20 years which is no surprise if you see how competitive the surfers are in the waters around the big cities and well known surf spots. South America can be done on a small budget with cheap beach front pensions sometimes don't charge more than 5 US dollars per night. If you are going o an extended trip to this continent it’s safe to bring boards and wetsuits in different sizes and thicknesses. Since the conditions can vary between 2' sloppy waves in warm water , to 25' waves in cold water.

  Country Surf spots Regions
Argentina   20 
Brasil   83 
Chile   21 
Columbia   12 
Ecuador   14 
Peru   46 
Uruguay   14 
Venezuela   31 


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