Surfing Central America

Central America This a great area for surf trips: quality surf, secret spots and adverture is what you can expect here. Costa Rica being the most visited by US citizens because of the large variety of quality breaks, like Pavones and Ollie's point.

Costa Rica is also politically one of the most stable countries in this region. Other great places to surf are El Salvador, Panama and of course the Caribbean version of Hawaii: Puerto Rico. Central America can be done on a pretty low budget: some surf camps don't charge more that 25 US dollar. Also plenty of surfing on some of the Caribbean islands like Barabados and Jamaica.

  Country Surf spots Regions
Barbados   23 
Costa Rica   44 
Dominican Republic   30 
El Salvador   16 
Jamaica   12 
Netherlands Antilles   13 
Nicaragua   17 
Panama   15 
Puerte Rico   18 


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