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Topic: Surfing Tasmania
Views: 1822 Replies: 5
Topic: Surfing Tasmania
Views: 1822 Replies: 5



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Australia Australia



Surfing Tasmania

I'm going to be travelling to Australia from Puerto Rico, but I'm not sure if I should spend a few days in Tasmania to surf.  I'm not sure how consistent the waves are in June or if I should stick to the Goldy, Sydney, Torquay, and WA.  If you have any useful information on this subject it would be greatly appreciated.




RE: Surfing Tasmania

dont bother going for the surf, but do go to tassie, its beaut.



RE: Surfing Tasmania

Gotta disagree with laST post. Tassie has some of Oz's sickest waves, but they are real cold at that time of year. But they are also uncrowded too. A few days only may not get the surf conditions as it will be mainly West to SW meaning only the east coast will be offshore, or if you are lucky, some of the north coast points will be on with a SW wind ands big SW swell. Maybe also some of the breaks near hobart. Get lucky and you may score Mays Pt. But horrendously cold there! And if you are crazy, real crazy, you might get Shipsterns.



RE: Surfing Tasmania

Hi I am a local Tassie surfer.
It is true that Tassie does have world quality surf. But the weather is dominated by the roaring fourties. This means it can blow West South Westerly for days, with small windows  of opportunity (often only 1-2 days) when the wind turns off-shore.
Unless it is an exeptional winter with swells over 6 meters (some winters that never happens) winter is a very frustrating time for local surfers. The swell is mostly too small for the Winter  Breaks and too big for the Summer breaks. If we can we go to Indonesia.



RE: Surfing Tasmania

Tasmania has great surf but it is not consistent enough to quarantee surf on a daily basis even if you hunted all over the island. 3 week periods of terrible conditions are common.
Good conditions can be as fleeting as 1/2 day. The BIG problem here is that  almost all the breaks which are protected in W SW winds take really big (5-6+m) and well placed swells to make them work and that does not happen very often.

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