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Topic: New River Beach, NB - surfable?
Views: 10380 Replies: 4
Topic: New River Beach, NB - surfable?
Views: 10380 Replies: 4



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New River Beach, NB - surfable?

Recently moved to NB and looking for a closer option than Nova Scotia for surf.

Do people swim in New River Beach? I know its Fundy and the tides are crazy, is it dangerous?

Does anyone know if New River Beach is surfable? Thank you.



RE: New River Beach, NB - surfable?

Update - Drove down to New River Beach today. Supposed to only be about 0.7M swell when I was there at high tide, so definitely not surfable, but it looked like maybe it could be done with another meter or so?

Went to a dive shop in St. John and asked if they'd heard or known anyone surfing the area. He told me someones name and said they surfed Redhead Beach, not far from the harbor. I drove down, but didn't see much as the swell wasn't there today.

If anyone has any information about surfing around St. John, please reply...




RE: New River Beach, NB - surfable?

It isn't surf able.... I live 10mins from there and it has never gone off.... The only spot in that area is south point Pocologan island when tide is coming in..... It's all private property around there but if u make it out there (650m paddle off shore) it goes off..... Yes and people have been barrelled there.... Other then that.... If u got the balls the reversing falls are epic fun standing waves but u have to man up (helmet rec) and learn how to spell... It's SAiNT John not St. .... That's freaking NL



RE: New River Beach, NB - surfable?

Well don't call someone out on not having balls if you won't even surf New River Beach.... And manning up isn't rocking a helmet... When i was riding the 50 year storm at Bells Beach Australia you didn't see my luscious golden hair all tucked under a helmet..... It was free flowin and last if you want to give someone a hard time about the spelling of your hometown you should open a book. St. John NB St. John's NFLD and nouns do not require every letter but the third to be in caps..

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