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Topic: Looking for surfers in Montreal (and question about Hab67)
Views: 1561 Replies: 3
Topic: Looking for surfers in Montreal (and question about Hab67)
Views: 1561 Replies: 3



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Looking for surfers in Montreal (and question about Hab67)

Hello Fellow Surfers,

Just moved to Montreal from Halifax a couple weeks ago.  Starving for some surf but luckily brough my gear with me.  Was watching the wave at Habitat 67 on Sunday, seems like a fun little wave.  Looking for someone to surf it with next week.

Drop me a line if you want to go out for a surf.  I'll buy beers after.




Part 2

Also if anyone has surfed it go a couple questions:

1) Do you have to tow in?  Being an ocean surfer it just makes more
sence to me to paddle into waves.  Any feedback?  If I do tow in how
do I know how long to make my rope?

2) Helmet or no Helmet?

3)  Do people wear a leash when surfing a river?  Probably it makes
sence to wear one.  My only concern is that it could get hooked on
bottom.  In the ocean if you get hooked (in theory) you can chill
until the wave ends then when the water is not moving reach down and
undo your leash.  Current in a river does not stop and I wonder if it
would be strong enough to prevent you from undoing your leash.  Any



RE: Looking for surfers in Montreal (and question about Hab67)

Hey :) Welcome to Montreal :) I'm from there, but currently at school in Ottawa.... even LESS surf here haha but I will find some!!!!
Anyways, from the reading I've done online, it looks like for river surfing, you wear a helmet, you don't want to get knocked out by a rock you didn't see.
I think people wear a leash, otherwise you could lose your board down the river, but I think they wear it on their thigh, like just above the knee, that way if you are knocked under it is easier to reach.  I've read that anyways :P
You may want to do a lesson with the surf lesson people, just so you are safe.  Also if you are advanced, they can show you better waves down in the rapids.  
Hope that helps,

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