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Topic: El Salvador Vs Nicaragua
Views: 6915 Replies: 4
Topic: El Salvador Vs Nicaragua
Views: 6915 Replies: 4



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El Salvador Vs Nicaragua

Debating between Nicaragua and El Salvador this summer.  I only get a couple weeks holidays this July and want to focus in on one or two great spots in one of those countries.  Can anyone that has been to both (or either) give me recommendations on the country and the best spots.  Also, what can I expect to be spending on a weekly budget.  I'm on a budget.



RE: El Salvador Vs Nicaragua

I have surfed both El Salvador and Nicaragua, an dboth offer great waves. You will probably get more time in the water at Nicaragua if you are in the south around Popoyo or San Juan del Sur due to the santa ana's. Th equality of waves is quite goo din both locations, and prices pretty similar, maybe a touch cheaper in Nicaragua I can't remember exactly. If you avod surf camps and stay in lodgings near the breaks it will be much cheaper. In El salvador they let you take your board on the bus in case you want to go up and down the coast surfing different breaks, and it is only 25c per trip.

Enjoy your trip, sounds cool.



RE: El Salvador Vs Nicaragua

El Salvador is very easy to travel, and you have a lot of spots around, the prices are almost the same in hostels and hotels, probably is cheaper to eat in the streets in Nicaragua, I suggest El Salvador, you can check www.surftravel-elsalvador.com there you find a lot of information and hotels with different prices


Will Earnest

RE: El Salvador Vs Nicaragua

I surfed both places last summer.  Generally, I would say El Sal was larger and more powerful.  It is almost 100% right point breaks. Nica has consistent high quality due to constant offshore wind.  Water was beautiful in Nica.  Lots of spots accessible from local boat trip guys. Stay around the Popoyo area.

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