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Topic: new place in el Zonte beach
Views: 6992 Replies: 6
Topic: new place in el Zonte beach
Views: 6992 Replies: 6



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El Salvador El Salvador



new place in el Zonte beach

i was in this beautifull beach during the hurracain
and this locals show me the baeuty of the human race.
i stayed in a hotel calll Esencia Nativa i recomend  you guys search more info about this place.
el Zonte is just a magic place with a rerally good waves, you have to check the left beach break.



RE: new place in el Zonte beach

hey rodolfo i was there one week ago, i have so much fun, the waves were pretty small. but emilia take me to check more spots.
those guys are special.
every bady if you are traveling in central america stop in el Playa El Zonte ask for emilia or alex.
write them for more info and tips, [email protected]



RE: el Zonte beach

I was there about 3 yrs. ago and it was not crowded at all.
There were quite a few places for rent and you can get by under $10.00 per day or less.
BUT AS WITH ANYWARE IN El Salvador you must take care after dark. Glue heads are the worst evil.
Best thing to carry is PEPPER spray, the type sold for BEAR attack is the best.
If you want Mountains head for LaPalma area.
Good folks who supported the Freedom Fighters during the troubles. Viva El Che!


Anna Segur

Stay at Esencia Nativa

The best place to stay is Esencia Nativa. The owners are Alex (Diablon) and Emilia (La Chele).

You can email them at [email protected]



RE: new place in el Zonte beach

Hey guys,

I've been reading your comments about Alex and Emilia -- a girl I know from my local beach was telling me about their nice, safe accomodations, right by the beach. Your comments are inspiring. El Zonte sounds beautiful, and I'd love to hit the surf there.
I'm hoping to go the first week in December -- anyone know what the weather' slike, then?

Just curious -- is it safe for a woman to travel to el Zonte alone, as in getting there from the airport? I know that Alex and Emilia can arrange for transportation. I've  never been to Latin America before, and my Spanish is rudimentary. I've gotten some info on the current political situation here and there -- just wouldn't want to walk into a bad situation without having a clue as to what's going on in the country.

Any info anyone can kick down, I'd be beyond appreciative.




RE: new place in el Zonte beach

I went to El Salvador in May, 2005, by myself, armed with only a bit of Spanish, and The Lonely Planet's recommendation to stay at Saburro's in El Zonte. (I wanted to learn to surf!).   I ended up instead staying at Alex & Amelia's place, and it was the best *accident* ever.  El Salvador is a magic place in general, and Playa El Zonte, and Esencia Nativa specifically, is bliss.

Read the book, be polite, but don't be naive, avoid dangerous situations when you can, but trust that human nature is essentially good.  Alex & Amelia will treat you better than family (better than *my* family at least!), and if you're lighthearted and fairly sensible, you'll be fine. (I always keep $5 in each shoe when I travel....just in case)  Keep us posted on your trip, and good luck!

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