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Topic: new to surfing and need advice
Views: 2006 Replies: 9
Topic: new to surfing and need advice
Views: 2006 Replies: 9



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new to surfing and need advice

im new to surfing only dont it once last year on holiday but loved it. I wna plan a trip to cornwall for a surf in the summer but noticed the waves are nowhere near as big this time of year. Is it still worth doing during the summer is there still good surf?any reply would be helpfull cheers


Kelly Slater

RE: new to surfing and need advice

Hey mate, give it heaps.



RE: new to surfing and need advice

Drove 7 possibly 8 hrs. to get to north Devon this year (easter) an the waves were crap... sat on a board in the water and got burnt, bloody global warmin...... just had a look today an Croyde has got an 8 foot swell .... aw well siht happens...maybee next time...........



RE: new to surfing and need advice

Nah Newquay is crap head to france if you want a decent surf without the bogans!



RE: new to surfing and need advice

Hey Nick,

Have you ever considered going out of Uk for surfing ?

I own a Surf House at the entrance of Baleal. Its a small
surfing vilage in central Portugal (100 Kms from Lisbon

Here you will find perfect shaped easy waves for begginers.
The water temp is still pretty warm from summer and the weather is mild.

Our Surf school has the best teachers and our gear is brand new !

Also you can fly for less than 100 pounds (return flight) from the Uk to Portugal....

This is the best advice I can give you....

Cheers !



RE: new to surfing and need advice

To tell you the truth, they're right, it's a lot more expensive to stay in England
and surf and for the time it takes you to get from London to say Cornwall, you could be in Biarritz or Lisbon (in half the time and it's cheaper, plus cheap flights), where you have a better chance of getting good waves.

I've pretty much just started surfing too, and now am back in London and can't get my mind off it. I've surrendered to the fact that surfing in England isn't happenening for me, but am definitely going to be travelling for it. 50 pounds or less to Biarritz... that's a winner.


Jedd Turnip

RE: new to surfing and need advice

There is a surf club in london isnt there you can pitch together to get a lift?

Im sorry, surfing requires a lot of work and fitness and getting a jet out somewhere once in a while isnt going to help your progression. Simple solution, move out of London to where you can surf regularly. If you are not that serious quit a sport that requires this much work, take up kitesurfing or something.


Jedd Turnip 2

RE: new to surfing and need advice

Sorry realised previous statement was a bit harsh but I would make sure you keep the fitness up while away from surf by swimming, balance etc so you are not a liability when going to good breaks.



RE: new to surfing and need advice

Hi there, once again head out of the UK or if you are in London Brighton gets some good waves from time to time when you know where to go. Today is going off down here.

Looking for surf spots in England ?

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