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Topic: board prices
Views: 1973 Replies: 6
Topic: board prices
Views: 1973 Replies: 6



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board prices

I'm coming to Hossegor in early September from Australia via the States and London etc, and don't want to have to drag a quiver through 20 odd airports. What are the costs of brand new boards there, and decent seconds? Are there other options? as I imagine I will need a couple?




RE: board prices

FRANCE IS EXPENSIVE. just keep that in mind with what ever you are buying. i have found that in northern france a new board with some unheard of shapers name on it is about 400 euros (1 euro = $1.25). I don't know how the prices are in the south of France, but i hear they are worse... serously, bring ALOT of money to france, because it takes alot of money to just live and eat here. good luck.
p.s. if you are having trouble finding a surf shop, ask the locals where a windsurfing or kite boarding shop is, those two sports are huge here.



RE: board prices

merde! thanks kev ... i've just counted 13 terminals to get through b4 biarritz ... there better be sick pits @ the end of it all.




RE: board prices

Hey the guy before stated that 1 Euro is worth $1.25...he fergot to mention US dollers... an Aussi doller is worth less. 1€ = $1.76Aus...
So yeah dragin the gear with you is a pain. I know how it is. Unfortunatlly. But if you look at the pics that are around it could be well worth it... Heaps better then the west coast of US.. for sure. Better then Aus....mmmm will have to see... HAve a good one



RE: board prices

Don't even think about buying a board in France bro, best thing to do would be to bash some kook and strip him for his board in the process.



RE: board prices

Well, I'm from Biarritz...and I might have bought more boards in Oz than in France.
The boards in Biarritz/Hossegor are pretty good, with many good local shapers, but they are maybe not as strong as board made in oz, and they are definitely more expensive. A goof brand new board is about 500 euros, so forget about it for a trip. And second hands are kind of expensive too. Let's say 300. That would still be your best option, and trying to sell it back to the shop after if you didn't damage it too much.
You should be ok with two boards and even get by with one.
September is the perfect time there, consistent swell, offshore winds, at least the morning and water still quite warm.
Good luck

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