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Topic: Surf camp advice Morocco

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Surf camp advice Morocco

« on: August 08 2007 18:08:00 »

Hi everybody,
  Just would like to ask for advice for a good surf camp in Morocco, i'm in Austria for the moment and will be in Morocco for november. what could u recommend me for that? is there any surf camp run by Local surfers? (a friend told me to not go with foreiners surf camps for poor surf etiquette.
and if someone wanna join the party, why not :)



RE: Surf camp advice Morocco

« Reply #1 on: August 11 2007 12:08:00 »

   i don't think that u'll have problems finding a camp in Morocco, as there are a few now, but i recommend you one run by AFRICA EXTREM, it's a great crew to go to surf with and the amenities are far away better than all the camps of the area, i've stayed with them last year and i spent a great time, if you are a few, you can take a package they call Roots Package, so u can have your own car and your surf lodge and you can have the advice for where to surf every day before you leave the lodge.
keeps cheap anyway



RE: Surf camp advice Morocco

« Reply #2 on: September 26 2007 14:09:00 »

I stayed with surfmaroc last year, its run by 2 English guys and 2 local guys.  They have a great setup and take you to the best spots every day.  I had a great time.



RE: Surf camp advice Morocco

« Reply #3 on: September 28 2007 05:09:00 »

Hi ,
   Don't recommend them at all, i've been in trouble in mysteries becose of them, and none of all the team is a decent surfer any way. they are quiet few other camps that don't do as much cheap show off as those do.
they are absolutely not recommendable



RE: Surf camp advice Morocco

« Reply #4 on: September 29 2007 02:09:00 »

they're ok those guys, and they know the spots with the tides, if you can't be arsed with the hassle (which can be substantial with some bad luck) then go for it.  Seems to be lots of nice looking girls there too.  It is however very easy to organise it all yourself, and can be much cheaper.  hire a car from agadir airport, rock up to taghazout, get settled in a nice pad then go surfing.  In each case keep cool and don't take the first/second/third shitty car/appartment you're shown.  Haggle a lot, then walk away and compare prices with the next guy.  You can get a really nice place that doesn't smell too much if you stay away from hash point.  Check car for lights at night, police can be anal.  Don't leave anything in car at mysteries.  Bananas good for chillout beach day.



RE: Surf camp advice Morocco

« Reply #5 on: September 29 2007 02:09:00 »

Was a girl travelling alone last year, so to be on the safe side i booked a surfcamp. Camp was called Smashedtravel, i think it s owned by aussies and moroccans together, but not really sure. Anyways, they gave really good lessons (didn t know how to surf before i came), the food was great and every night we had a campfire on the rooftop of the house. Stayed three weeks longer than i planned for, so yes, i can really recommend these guys.



RE: Surf camp advice Morocco

« Reply #6 on: September 29 2007 05:09:00 »

About surfmoroc, i will never fogive them for what they cosed to me. i've been humiliated in mysteries and they couldn't even help, they just shut up and let the locals insult me cose i was with them. And once back to the camp, i've been told that "we want you to experience the real culture, do you see know why you should come with english people" but the thing was just surfmoroc customers that was treated like that. For smashedtravel, never heard of them, but after leaving surfmoroc and staying in Tagazout (i paid 50 euros/day for a nice flat facing anchor point) i've seen that they are quiet a lot of camps (i'd better say people tha want to spend free holidays that rent a same appartment as i did, and share the rooms and call that a surf camp),  but avoid surfmoroc



RE: Surf camp advice Morocco

« Reply #7 on: March 28 2011 00:03:00 »

the things didn´change by now, concerning the service and honesty of some surf school owner like Africa extreme. they are funny people but very unorganized and the equipment/school lessons low standard level. i can not recommend them if you don´t want to wait long to be pick up to the surfspots or other organization failures. and finaly we still waiting for beeing payed back a lot of money because of booking problems and other things.

finaly, there are a lot of more surf schools and its getting like a surf school factory, driving al the people to the beginner spots and teach them how to stand on the bord on the secound day and then they don´t pay attention any more... it´s not the real spirit at all.
but thats not meant to all of them, there are a lot of nice people everywhere, but its not naturally to meet them everywhere ....



RE: Surf camp advice Morocco

« Reply #8 on: April 04 2011 17:04:00 »

Hi everyone,
I stayed at Surf Maroc 1 year ago... nice set up of apartments with massive outdoor decks and some cool people to talk too. Pretty expensive compared to just renting an apartment. Once you have been there for a day you know how to get to most of the breaks (which aren't a long drive). Don't eat at the cafe under the big apartment block of Maroc. Rubbish. If the little cafe under the vines is open go there... after spending a month around Morocco traveling it was epic to be a typical tourist and eat at a spot where they prepared European style food. (I know that sounds sad). But it was run by a wicked Aussie chick who is the Chef and a great person to chat too. Have fun... watch out for the rubbish floating around in the ocean after heavy rain. Yikes.

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