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Topic: Renting boards in pacitan.
Views: 1364 Replies: 4
Topic: Renting boards in pacitan.
Views: 1364 Replies: 4



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Renting boards in pacitan.

Can you rent surfboards (suitable for beginners) near the pacitan beaches in east java?



RE: Renting boards in pacitan.

mmm Pacitan isn't relly on the map for surfers although there are a few fun waves about but extremly fickle you would be pretty lucky to find somewhere to rent a board best bet would be at the local losmen on the beach "the happy in" or happy something and ask there the waves on the beach are perfect for learning to surf though.

If your traveling Java stop in at Batu Karus further west near a little beachside tourist town(think kuta in the early 80's), forgot the name (where the tsunumi was) it is perhaps the best place in java to learn to surf and they rent out boards there.



RE: Renting boards in pacitan.

Thanks for the reply,
Yeah Pangandaran is good, thats where I first learnt. But I wanted to try something different. Sounds like pacitan would be perfect so long as I can locate a board to rent...

As far as I can figure it out there are three main beaches : Teleng Ria Beach, Srau Beach and Klayar Beach

which one has good beginner waves?



RE: Renting boards in pacitan.

Teleng Ria is the beach closest to town, it is perfect for learning as the west end is always small to flat due to it's protection and the waves are pretty mellow while if you go east along the beach it gets bigger so you can pick the wave size you want to surf.

The road and losmen is at the west end of the beach your only chance of finding a board is here there are a few young local boys who surf so you never know they may have a board you can use?

Note the water can get very dirty during the wet season but mostly at the river mouths at both ends.

There is also some very scenic areas and beaches heading east out of town but very isolated mountains with jungle all the way to the beach..

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