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Topic: Indonesian Tides?
Views: 6610 Replies: 6
Topic: Indonesian Tides?
Views: 6610 Replies: 6



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Indonesian Tides?

This may be an obvious Q.

But I git to know forsure.

Do the tides or tidal times differ between the different Islands of Indonesia, like Bali, relative to Sumbawa, and Lombok, for example.

I've obtained a Bali tide chart from Baliwaves.com, and know that one can get charts from Tubes Bar in kuta(Bali). So, I need to know if I can use  or apply this Bali tide chart to the islands of Sumbawa, and Lombok.

And to not have to be concerned about getting seperate tide charts for these different indonesian islands.




RE: Indonesian Tides?

Good advice tom, saffa certainly is doing his homework, no offence mate but u cant work everything out b4 u go. when u get there u will realise indo is a very different place and half of what people tell u is not true 4 u. Advice for everyone, just relax a bit and realise you will be in indo with indo customs, indo culture, and INDO TIME. u r in their country and u must accept their way. no right and wrong, just a different perspective, go easy on the locals, most have stuff all esspecially compared to jetsetting westerners



RE: Indonesian Tides?

Shot Tom, for the Info, I appreciate it.

Cant weight any longer, work is driving me insane.

I just got2 get in the water. LOL

Later dood.



RE: Indonesian Tides?

Hi Dave, I fully get what u saying, and I know you right. I know u can do as much planning as you want, but, until you actually get to Indo, u got no Idea.

Since I've started planning this trip, It was clear that despite all the research, it's all part of the adventure and the experience to accept the fact that we will need to go with the flow, and to always excercise openess towards the Indo culture, systems, and people.

However, I did feel it was important to know about the tide situation, and doing Indo research 2weeks b4 u leave is an excelent time waster, especialy when Indo is consuming your entire mind. Cool Dave, I'm outa-here.



RE: Indonesian Tides?

i've done my homework, too, got my tide chart and everything...i'v heard that bali is all about the tides, that some spots can even be flat, then turn on during the high tide, then go flat again - all in a matter of hours...
my question is:  what's the best tide to surf bali?
i'd figure the reefs and points would do it on the low tide but i've also heard that you want to surf those places on the high tide instead....also, what tides should you surf the beachbreaks (kuta, seminyak, canggu, etc.)???   thanks !!!



RE: Indonesian Tides?

Nah mate not many bali spots go flat on the low or high tides like some other islands.
airport rights is best at mid plus and racetracks is best at lowish tides but they dont really go flat.

However on lombongan lacos and the other breaks can go flat at mid to low but start cooking at mid to high.
Only if theres swell though from the right direction (sw).
Deserts gets sectiony at mid- high but really good at lowish tides (again- if the swells right).

This also happens in islands like the gilis, some of the mentawai breaks and others.

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