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Topic: Do I need to bring a 2nd board? If so, what?
Views: 1100 Replies: 5
Topic: Do I need to bring a 2nd board? If so, what?
Views: 1100 Replies: 5



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Do I need to bring a 2nd board? If so, what?

i'll be in indo surfing for 45 days.

I have a great all purpose 6'5", 19" wide, 2.5" thick round pin tail shortboard which I'm bringing with me to surf lombok, bali and mentawai.  

i want to pack as light as possible as i'll be traveling over land and staying in local losmens etc. possibly walking to new beaches by foot with all my stuff. so i'm wondering: can i get away without bringing a 2nd board? or is that ridiculous considering i'm there for a month and a half? what are the chances i'll break a board? my level experience is intermediate. i grew up surfing but haven't surfed much in the last 8 years.

if i need to bring a 2nd board what should it be? similar in size etc to the 1st? i haven't surfed that one yet, but am told i can push it into double overhead or surf chest high waves.

what're your thoughts?


RE: Do I need to bring a 2nd board? If so, what?

I would bring a 6'8 or a 7' 0 gun/mini gun.

you will notice at many breaks that the aussies are surfing waves like gland on a 6-5 and the yanks are ussually surfing onthere 6'8 pus boards.
The yanks doing this will often get into waves earlier and get more waves.
Although a shorter board can be better for hollow break fade takeoffs etc, and more vertical surfing.
But a longer board is good for drawn out turns and easier getting into the waves.
so it depends on what waves you want to surf, what sort of surfing you want to do etc.

But a good 6'8 or 7'0 would be my pick.
You will probably use one of these more often than the other board you have.



RE: Do I need to bring a 2nd board? If so, what?

There are alot of variables to the equation. Most obvious are: a. your surfing ability a, fitness level, age, etc.  b. your size  c. range of wave sizes you are likely to go out in if encountered. Indonesia can offer up some good sized waves on occasion. You're probable not gonna surf 8-10 ft waves on a 6'5". If you surf a deepwater break you may need more board length also. If you're gonna hang and surf Kuta beach then the one board will probable due.



RE: Do I need to bring a 2nd board? If so, what?

Only if you snap your first, chances of that happeing 50/50 its a gamble.

Ones a gamble, twos perfect and any more is a nightmare to travel with.

The bigger board for Indo is a hoax...be realistic if its 8 to 10ft your in a 3rd world country often days away from a hospital, will you be paddling out?

As for yanks getting more waves than Aussies???



RE: Do I need to bring a 2nd board? If so, what?

thank you all for the advice.

i am certainly not looking to get myself into trouble, particularly since i'm traveling and paddling out solo (unless i happen to meet up with like minded people). that being said, if i'm near medical help and there are others in the water i might just go for it.

averaging the advice here, i'm going to consider getting a 2nd board in the 6'7' - 6'10' range. both to support bigger swell and just to add some options. i think i'll be able to haul around 2 boards. that shoulder strap just better be damn comfy.

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