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Topic: Avoiding food illness in Indo
Views: 1043 Replies: 5
Topic: Avoiding food illness in Indo
Views: 1043 Replies: 5



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Avoiding food illness in Indo

I'll be heading to Sumatra very soon. Probably to Mentawai. I'd like to know if anyone has tips for avoiding getting stomach sickness while over there.  As I understand it, it comes mostly from bacteria that our bodies aren't used to having present in foods...

I talked to a pharmacy doc about this briefly and she suggested Acidopholous (e.g. in yogurt) but I'm thinking that's only one small thing I could be doing to prepare.



RE: Avoiding food illness in Indo

Sorry but you cant avoid it....well maybee you can but it will cost you about US $2,500 for 10 days.

The only other way to avoid it is not eat, serious.

The good news is once you cant count all your Indo trips on both hands, your immune system is like the locals.

PS. When eating padang food, go to the busy high turn over places, nothing worst than two day old padang food.

PPS. CHILLI/SAMBAL....eat it like the locals and it kills any bad bugs.


Jason Eldridge

RE: Avoiding food illness in Indo

i'm a naturopath and i take Orthoplex Intestaclear when i'm in indo...i'm going again at the end of July again yay!...it works a treat at keeping the tummy bugs at bay



RE: Avoiding food illness in Indo

re intestaclear: interesting. i think that's only availible in AU. i will look around locally for something that contains similar elements. or do you imagine this is available in bali?

for anyone who cares, here's some info on the stuff:

1 capsule 3 times daily, or as prescribed

Each capsule contains
Juglans nigra (Black walnut) fruit hull dry 400 mg
Artemisia annua herb (Wormwood) dry 400mg
Tabebuia avellanedae (Pau D'arco) 200mg
Berberis vulgaris (Barberry) stem bark dry 360 mg
Allium sativum (Garlic) bulb dry 720 mg
Citrus x paradisi (Grapefruit) seed dry 250 mg
Thyme oil 2 mg
Rosemary oil 1 mg
Origanum oil 10 mg



RE: Avoiding food illness in Indo

Jason ! Gidday.  Zoe here.  I'll be in Bali all of  August, surfing of course - might catch you there and might pop in for some of your magic stuff for stomach bugs.  How funny !  Zoe H.

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