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Topic: re:surfing mombasa
Views: 15403 Replies: 4
Topic: re:surfing mombasa
Views: 15403 Replies: 4



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Kenya Kenya



re:surfing mombasa

mombasa isnt the nicest place to surf. theres always sharks just off in the channel which follow the big ships in. theres been alot of attacks in the harbour, especially back in the old days, when they used to clean the ships hulls manually by diving down into the mirky water. theres also usually a crowd of locals and expats. youd be better off trying to find your own spot somewhere else. just hire a boat and sail around the outside of the reef and  see whats there. not many people have ever done that before (tip: try sailing from the harbour entrance up to mtwapa creek at low tide. you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you might find). if you dont want anything to do with sharks, then malindi is your safest bet. dont let the mirky water fool you, theres nothing in there except the odd hippo, and even theyre more afraid of you than you are of them.


Andrew Skinner

RE: re:surfing mombasa

Aren't Hippo's the number one natural born killer? Probably more likely to be attacked by a hippo than a shark!



RE: re:surfing mombasa

In front off the leppard beach hotel en safari beach hotel (Mombasa) are some good outer reef breaks. make shore you travel by boot en put on some booties!


Kuldip Attalia

RE: Surfing in Mombasa

I am born and come from Mombasa, and lived my childhood on the seashore. I can confirm that you are more likely to meet a Shark near Likoni ? Inland Harbour, Matongwe, Mtwapa Creek and Milango's. Sharks have been seen following all the big ships from the harbour out to deep sea, and back. However, Mombasa's Meat & Live Stock Slaughter house is on the otherside of the harbour, and they have a area where they throw all the rotten meat in the harbour, which means it is Shark infested. Best place for Swiming & Surfing has to be the North of Mombasa, due to the Coral Reef But, well before Tana River meets the Ocean.
Loads of Bull sharks, Black Tips, Tiger, Mako, and White on the other side of the Coral Reef in Kenya.
My Cousin, Guru is a Professional Diver and teaches on how to Dive.

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