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Topic: paying to surf pasta point? need definitive answer..
Views: 12008 Replies: 6
Topic: paying to surf pasta point? need definitive answer..
Views: 12008 Replies: 6



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paying to surf pasta point? need definitive answer..

I am getting different answers to wether or not you have to pay to surf at pasta point.. could someone tell me what the actual situation is?
If you are a guest at the Chaaya Dhonveli Resort (not booked via Atoll Travel, but via a UK travel company) do you have to pay to surf there?
If yes how much, and how do you book it ?(to be on of the 30 surfers allowed at anyone time)



RE: paying to surf pasta point? need definitive answer..


i booked in spring 2006 thru a german travel agent, only flight and accomodation.
When  i got there I was told that only surfers booking thru Atoll Travel are allowed to surf Pasta Point. I talked to the guys, they were friendly and i had to pay 100 US $ a day for surfing.
At the end of the day it came out the same price as if I had booked thru Atoll Travel.

This place is absolutely fantastic and worth every $$


David Flide

RE: paying to surf pasta point? need definitive answer..

Hi i have booked to go to this island with thomason a uk based comapany to leave Uk on 31st Oct.  Can any one tell me if i will need this pass as it is out of season for surfing and if so will i definatly get one when there?




RE: paying to surf pasta point? need definitive answer..

friendly? $100 a day to surf?.  Damn something seems wrong there.  DOnt even pay that much for a ski lift but i would imagine some people with dough would spend that on a round of golf or something.



RE: paying to surf pasta point? need definitive answer..

You can't surf pasta point unless you book through atoll travel or whatever that company is that has a set number of rooms blocked in the resort for surfers. You can't surf there if you are a regular guest because the room rates are much cheaper than the surf package rates. And the set number of rooms allows them to enforce crowd control.

Atoll travel "owns" pasta point. But the resort will be happy to charge you a fee to use a dhoni to the other nearby breaks so you can crowd up the line up where the locals, expats and the rest of the budget surfers go. Negativity is not aimed at you but I wouldn't give them my business personally.




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