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Topic: Mexico in December
Views: 7096 Replies: 5
Topic: Mexico in December
Views: 7096 Replies: 5



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Mexico Mexico



Mexico in December

Hey everyone. Me and a mate are planning on coming to Mex in late November/early December for a month. We are pretty experienced surfers and want to surf the most consistent waves we can find. This doesn't necessarily mean macking 10ft mex pipe, but moreso points and beachies in the 4 ft + range.

Does anyone have any advice as to the best places to go/stay, how to get around etc

Any help would be great,


Poco Marajeta

RE: Mexico in December

Right on dudes,

Well, first 1st of all, where are you coming from and to where are you planning to go in Mexico?  Are you going to Baja, or Mexico mainland proper, or both?

[I'm a Gring'o and live here.]  More advice; if your coming to Mexico you must understand that you will be in a foreign country with varying laws and customs you must understand to avoid conflict and trouible.  Always be aware of your surroundings and pay attention!  Your being watched most of the time!  Mexico is a very dangerous Country, if you don't know what your doing and what to avoid.  Exibiting public kindness and being overtly friendly in public leaves you vulnerable to thugs.



RE: Mexico in December

the first commenter had some good points.  you'll need to make the call on mainland or baja/both to get better help here.  they are very places imo.  know the laws e.g. car accidents are criminal offenses and unless you take care of one on the spot, you'll go to jail if the police find you there.  and mexicans still have some pretty string machismo flowing in their culture, so be aware.  
look to the south mainland imo or for tons of opportunities but a bigger adventure, baja.  baja can be quite sketchy and you'll really need to tune in to be safe there.  cheers



RE: Mexico in December

hi folks... going to be in sinaloa area (north of maza) working for about a month this december. surfed patoles and all the other various breaks this past may/june. I know winter isn't that good in this area, but does anyone have any knowledge of winter surf here? want to bring my board down, but am a bit hesitant to lug it down if there will be no surf at all... thanks for any advice.


nolanzo ali

RE: Mexico in December


  i just want to say that while it is true you need to be careful and know the laws of Mexico, ect., thats true for anywhere you travel.  last march-may, I made a trip from LA to Panama in a massive, 72 passenger, yellow school bus with 6 other gringos (4 bieng girls), and we spent a total of 4 weeks in Baja and 3 in Mainland, and we had one situation that was remotely threatening.  needless to say, we were a traveling gringo bullseye.  
  for the most part everyone we met in mex was very friendly, helpful, and relaxed.    we got good waves from northern baja all the way down to escondido.  you guys sound like you prefer similar waves to me.  i really enjoyed the trestles like waves of La Ticla (Mainland), and the point breaks all over Baja.  have fun!

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