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Topic: Hua Hua -- How is it?
Views: 3494 Replies: 4
Topic: Hua Hua -- How is it?
Views: 3494 Replies: 4



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Hua Hua -- How is it?

Hey Guys,

Read some good stuff in the surfer's guide and heard a good review from a friend.  Considering making a short trip to the mainland and hanging around Hua Hua for a week or so in early May.

Any thoughts?  Experiences with the place?



RE: Hua Hua -- How is it?

Beautiful left point break setup...great camp spot...but it sits at a steep angle and doesnt pick up south swells easily...if Nexpa and/or Ticla are pumping, expect HuaHua will be several feet smaller, which gives you options if HuaHua is not working.


Jason C

RE: Hua Hua -- How is it?

You can see this spot from Mex 200 on the way to nexpa. I always heard stories of the army/Feds running the beach and people getting jacked for driving to the beach there. This old guy was tellin me back in tha day it was really good, now there's this big boulder on the reef and f'ed it all up. I was down in this area Oct. 08. Dude if you've never been down to this area becareful, its the wild west. We hitch hiked and bussed around, my fave spot is La Ticla.



RE: Hua Hua -- How is it?

It varies a lot. Sometimes there's a large wave at the rivermouth, sometimes not. The best wave I've seen in Michoacan  is the beach break at the east end of HuaHua- east of the beach settlemant. This was in the late spring, when there's usually a lot of wind, but it wasn't blowing that day.

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