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Topic: Surfing in October/November
Views: 5132 Replies: 4
Topic: Surfing in October/November
Views: 5132 Replies: 4



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Surfing in October/November

heading mexico from NZ, Just wondering what the surfs like oct/nov consistant? pointers what coast to head and accomadation? or buy a car in the US and drive? Cheers



RE: Surfing in October/November

Bro you need to hurry if you want to surf from sinaloa to chiapas wave season its goin down in october but you can surf in baja from november to march...


Jason C

RE: Surfing in October/November

Actually mainland mexico gets swell all year long (except for the most southern parts of mexico ie Oaxaca, etc. I spent sept-october in mexico last year and there was a week or so the surf was 10-15 feet, all week long it seemed. The northern pac is gonna be sending good north swells this winter to exposed areas in mexico. If you want thumpin beach break barrels, go to Pasquales. La Ticla is probably one of the most consistant breaks on the coast and will always have waves. You honestly dont need a car, the bus system is great, but its nice...probably be cheaper to buy a car in the states, but its a hassle. Stay on the downlow if you go, lots of drug cartels killing each other all throught mexico. check out my blog if you wanna see pics from my last trip in 08.
Goodluck Kiwi!


Coast Road

RE: Surfing in October/November

Ah Mexico...Oct/Nov is the same swell season the brings the north shore to life in Hawaii, and those same swells can send long fetch lines to the distant shores of Mexico. Winters on at infamous spot like Puerto Escondido, so if you can summons the balls...
But everywhere on the Pacific coast from Baja to Chipas is gonna have something for those who search a little.
I'm not sure about the car thing dude, I was gonna do a similar thing - buy in Mexico and sell in CR, but be wary, its illegal, hence technically impossible to sell it on once you're there. You might have to drive it out of the country again also.
Public transports a blast though mate, and enriches the whole experience.
Check out the story and pics from another Kiwi's surf adventure south of the boarder at
Good luck bro

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