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Topic: Studying spanish and surfing
Views: 3365 Replies: 4
Topic: Studying spanish and surfing
Views: 3365 Replies: 4



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Studying spanish and surfing


I'm looking for a place to stay and surf / study spanish from May through June.

I've narrowed it down to a couple of places, including Jaco, Tamarindo or Manuel Antonio in Costa, Montanita in Ecuador and Puerto Escondido.

I really want warm water and walking distance to the waves - Ecuador seems like it would be cold during this time.

It'd be really nice if the place was also fun to hang out in when not surfing.

Puerto seems like the best choice as of now - but it seems like I won't find much variety there. Sure, there is Zicatela, but I'm really not trying to surf solely life or death barrels, I'm looking for fun rippable kind of stuff too. I know there is the point and some breaks up north, but I don't know much about it.

Do you guys have any suggestions?



RE: Studying spanish and surfing

I should also note that I'm open to any suggestions, not just advice on the places I listed.

Anyone know of good places to hang out in that I could walk to the beach in say Nicaragua or Panama? How is San Juan del Sur?


ben king

RE: Studying spanish and surfing

san juan del sur is a good spot for both. some of the cheapest spanish lessons and easy access to a variety of beachies. all taxis/hostels are well set up for daily trips out to the waves. cheap living too and a good enough party if thats your thing. go north to playa papollo if your after a good reef break away from the city. about 2hours taxi/bus north. nicaragua isnt dangerous like people say it is too :) not sure where that comes from? nicest people youl meet. but if you get drunk and take your camera to town and chat up a hooker shel probably steal it. who wouldnt? have fun


Hasan islam

RE: Studying spanish and surfing

In general terms, Spain is one of the safest countries in Europe for visiting tourists. As in any country, there are basic security measures to bear in mind…
Try not to walk around empty streets or poorly-lit areas, and avoid street gambling stalls. Try to carry only the money you need for any one excursion. Take care of your possessions in crowded places such as public transport or department stores. When relaxing in public places, keep valuable objects like mobile phones and cameras out of view.
Prevention is the best cure for this kind of problem. If you need help you can contact the Police on 091.

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