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Topic: surfing in may in Morocco?
Views: 17812 Replies: 6
Topic: surfing in may in Morocco?
Views: 17812 Replies: 6


Danielle Laroche

Posted in

Morroco Morroco



surfing in may in Morocco?

I am planning on going to the Agadir region to surf the waves there in May.  I'm pretty sure that I'll need to bring a wetsuit as the temps seem to warrant it.  Does anyone know if there will actually be surf there at that time of year?  I've noticed that some of the surf camps close after April.  Does anyone have any experience with any of the surf hotels/camps/etc in the Agadir area.  




RE: surfing in may in Morocco?

the best time to surf in morocco is in the winter october - early march but it is possible there will be surf in morocco in may but you are more likely to get surf in morocco in the winter mounths. The water in morocco never tends to drop lower than 16-17 degrees celcius at any time so you should be ok with a summer suit in may. most surf camps in morocco close after febuary because of the lack of solid swell and the only registered surf camp is the animal wavehunters witch i went with recently and are very good but they close after febuary. most other camps to my knowlage are not registered with the moroccan goverment and are illegal. so if i was you i would replan your trip to go in january or febuary as this is when morocco will be at its best.



RE: surfing in may in Morocco?

Morocco rocks just had the best three weeks of surfing ever, i highly recomend it to anyone in the uk;  Scored anchores sweet but crowded, boilers fired a couple of times and i even managed to get some photos of myself surfing epic waves, check out the website if youve recently been to morocco its extremeboardshots.com theve got excellent photos from morocco and others from the uk check them out.


Lisa Sainsbury

RE: surfing in may in Morocco?

Please can you pass on the madeleine mCcann website on to all the people you may know in morroco. In the hope that some body may come forward with some information. The little girl was spotted in morroco. and was abducted in portugal 3rd may 2007. Thank you for your time. Lisa



RE: surfing in may in Morocco?

Hi Guys, it seems that you have got the general idea, the surf is more consistent in the winter, but in the summer you still get some good swells coming through. There are a couple of spots a little bit further up the coast (Tamri and Immesouane) which pick up more swell than where we are at Taghazout.
Basically magic seaweed lies a bit and exaggerates the amount of swell hitting us but generally if there is over 5ft on that then one of the spots will be working alright.
Any time between sept and april is the most likely to get the swells, weather is top year round.
The chat about Animal being the only legit camp is not true, Surf Berbere where I work are all registered and actually have made more of a point to work with locals than any of the other surf camps in all of Morocco.



RE: surfing in may in Morocco?

dont go!!!! it onshore and flat

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