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Topic: Surfing in October, places for a beginner
Views: 19576 Replies: 4
Topic: Surfing in October, places for a beginner
Views: 19576 Replies: 4



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Surfing in October, places for a beginner

Id like to spend the second half of October surfing in Peru and I have many questions. I am thinking about going to the Mancora region. Can someone recommend a good place to go where its possible to rent equipment, get cheap accommodation and which is reasonably safe for a female surfer travelling alone. I have surfed only a few times before, what are the waves usually like in this period ?
How can one travel around with a board without his own car ? Is it possible to take a taxi?  
And off course, surfing buddies with similar plans are very welcome to join.



RE: Surfing in October, places for a beginner

i will be travelling for 3 Month from Argentinia to Peru. In the last weeks I want to do some surfing in Peru too. Unfortunately Ill be there in the beginning of October.



RE: Surfing in October, places for a beginner

Tina, I have been in Mancora last week and had a great time.
I believe you should be ok in Mancora, as it is less stranded that other spots in the area like Lobitos. October should be a good month for waves there. You can go to Mancora from Lima by bus and there, if waves are Ok you may surf in Mancora, if not, you will need to move to the Lobitos area that is about 1.5 hours away- you may take a taxi of course, but it will cost you 120 soles. If you can though it's better to take a Van with other surfers- I used to take one that charged 30 soles per person, and that was fine (safe and friendly driver, left early in the morning and returned when the passengers wanted).
Write to me so I can give you additional details.



RE: Surfing in October, places for a beginner

I think if you go north you would be less sucessful on your training, Lobitos is a fast wave and sometimes hollow wich would be hard for you to follow the wave, Mancora is always pack of surfers, plus some locals don`t understand to don`t dropp off the tourists.
I think for 10 days of lessons you should be able to do tecnical moves,go to surf by yourself and stay as long as you can,BUT you should train before to take surf lessons, you will need a tight body ( running and swimming).
ARound the Lima's area there are a bunch of spots for beginners, in fact there are a lot of surf school that couch in english + in te afternoon/evening you can go to teahters, movies and museums..

Welcome to Peru!!

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