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Topic: Californian living in London dying for a surf...
Views: 1565 Replies: 4
Topic: Californian living in London dying for a surf...
Views: 1565 Replies: 4



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Californian living in London dying for a surf...

Hello everyone,
I know what your thinking. What am I doing growing up by the coast for 20 years and now Landlocked in London. Well I ask myself the same thing everytime I see a new video clip from the West Coast.
OK! Enough babble down to business. I am planning on enjoying my 4 weeks off this summer exploring Spain,Portugal, and Moracco. My question for the forum is what is the best way to get around in Spain and Portugal? Car hire or Train? Planning on going in Sept so what will I need for a suit? Anyone else in the London area or from NorCal heading over there please let me know. Love to have any locals help out if they want a place to stay on the West Coast during there travels. To all those in the water and enjoying it. Enjoy!



RE: Californian living in London dying for a surf...

hey my friend,
hate to say it but a trip like that really calls for a car - you'll be hurting without one in each of those places unless you get lucky with the waves at the major spots, although in September you just might - at least in Spain and Portugal. As for wetsuits, best go for a 3/2 fullsuit. Oh and if you think you have it bad living in London I'm currently in the Arabian gulf so to all those people thinking "that Toby guy has nothing better to do that reply to posts in this forum" - you're pretty much right!
Drop me a line if you need any more info,



RE: Californian living in London dying for a surf...

Hey there, yes you do need a car, its much easier to get around and you waist less time in public transport, also if you want to catch the good uncrowded spots, trains and buses do not go there so......go for a car.
As for suits 3/2 is good in Portugal, North of Spain ( where the good waves are ) is pretty cold so you might need a 4/3, Morocco is warm so a shortie would be great! lol
Let me know if you need more help and talk soon



RE: Californian living in London dying for a surf...

Best thing to do is to buy a cheap car in England drive through France, Spain, Portugal and Marroco...sell ur car in Marrocco and get a flight back home...you don´t need a 4/3, not in the summer...the temp (at least in Portugal) is very similar to california (Orange County), so you´ll be fine. Excelent trip i must say.

I´m from Oporto but i did that trip many times. I´m glad to give more info if you need!

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