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Topic: Dundee, wetsuits, and board shipping
Views: 2053 Replies: 6
Topic: Dundee, wetsuits, and board shipping
Views: 2053 Replies: 6



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Dundee, wetsuits, and board shipping

Hey there,

I'm an Aussie surfer who has recently arrived in Dundee.  I'll be here for at least the next 12 months.  I'm going to have my board sent over soon, but will need to buy a wetty (mine is only 3:2).  I get the feeling from other posts that I'm going to need a 5:3 - is this correct?

Can anyone advise me regarding where a decent surf shop is up here?  Will I need to head down to Ediburgh?

Also, has anyone had any experiences (good or bad) in having a board sent from Oz to Scotland? Any recommendations as to appropriate companies would be much appreciated.

Finally, if anyone's in the Dundee area and wouldn't mind sharing rides to the surf, would be grateful if you could let me know.

Thanks in advance,


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RE: Dundee, wetsuits, and board shipping


yes a 5/3 is good. also need boots, gloves and a hood, the latter 2 around winter time only.

yes edinburgh, dunbar, aberdeen, glasgow have shops for stuff.

ive had a bad experience of shipping a board. crushed. get insured. sketchy. better by plane

if at uni, might have club.



RE: Dundee, wetsuits, and board shipping

P.S. If you go into the Wellgate shopping centre, there's a shop selling branded surf t-shirts and skating stuff... There there is a unit in the industrial park by the seagate just past the bus station, just ask them the name and number, the guys really helpful..



RE: Dundee, wetsuits, and board shipping

nah i would still ship the board over. the price depends on size of it. its not that bad, u just have to look about for a good deal. plus you usually need someone in oz to drop it off at a warehouse for you. shouldnt be more than £100. make sure in oz u protect it enough. should be fine. ive had one bad experience but i got the money straight away - chances are tho it will be fine anyway!



RE: Dundee, wetsuits, and board shipping

get a board on ebay, cheap as chips. pobably get one for the same price as you shiping one from Oz. The best way to get boards back from OZ is on the plane, brought back 3 this year! hooray for me



RE: Dundee, wetsuits, and board shipping

no, if you if want a decent board ship your own over, if u want an ok one maybe ebay but im pretty sure you want your own one plus just take it back on the plane with you, its easier that way.

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