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Topic: Where to stay in Senegal?
Views: 4448 Replies: 4
Topic: Where to stay in Senegal?
Views: 4448 Replies: 4



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Where to stay in Senegal?

Hey - I'm thinking of heading to Senegal sometime this winter instead and was wondering if anyone's been that can offer up some advice on how to go about accommodation etc. It seems like N'gor island is the best place to stay, but the only places I've found are the quite pricey surf camps there, which I'm not really into. Can you just rock up and find reasonably cheap, decent rooms anywhere? What's it like to stay in Dakar or Yoff and how close are you to the waves if you do? Any hotel or guesthouse reccomendations?
Any tips from people who've visited before would be gratefully appreciated.



RE: Where to stay in Senegal?

Many options to stay at the Island, all kind of different price levels.
But I'll recomend you to stay at the www.surfcampngor.com the price might be rather high, but at the end you will have the best surf expirence and save money. The camp offers airport transfer by taxi and boat, breakfast, dinner, local turistguide, and surfguide who tjeks all the spot every morning and brings you to the spot of the day.



RE: Where to stay in Senegal?


I can recommend N'Gor Surf Camp where I stayed myself in 2009. You'll have the N'Gor Right just a short walk from the camp.

If you want more information on surfing in Senegal. You can check out www.GoSurfAfrica.com. It is a non-profit website that gives surfers guides to 29 individual countries in Africa including Senegal.

I myself are going back to N'Gor this February. It's addictive.

As far as finding your own accomodation. Yes, it is possible, but it is quite expensive as well. And not woth it compared to the expenses spend on the surf camps. Western commodities just are quite expensive in Africa.

Again, check out www.GoSurfAfrica.com - I am sure it can give you tips on planning your surf trip to Senegal.

Happy Surfin'


Hasan islam

RE: Where to stay in Senegal?

Stay healthy in Senegal:

Get necessary vaccines before arrival. Officially, certification of yellow fever vaccine is required upon arrival if coming from a country in a yellow fever zone, but it is not commonly checked.
Take anti-malarials.
Avoid tap-water, and all dishes prepared with them. Bottled water, such as Kirene which is most common and bottled in Senegal, is widely available and inexpensive.
To prevent serious effects of dehydration, it is wise to carry around packets of rehydration salts to mix with water, should you become dehydrated. These are widely available at pharmacies and are inexpensive. Alternatively, a proper mix of table salt and sugar can replace these.

Looking for surf spots in Senegal ?

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