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Topic: moving to south africa - a few questions
Views: 2655 Replies: 6
Topic: moving to south africa - a few questions
Views: 2655 Replies: 6



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moving to south africa - a few questions

hey what's up.  I'm moving to Cape Town for the summer to take a few classes at UCT, but the real reason is to spend a few months surfing southern africa.  if anyone reads this (especially cape town locals), I've got a few questions.
first, i'm used to wearing a 3/2 wetsuit, no booties or hood or anything.  i've looked around the net, but i come up with a lot of different answers...is this gonna be thick enough for wintertime surf down there, or should i pick up a 4/3?
also, i'd rather not pay to ship my boards down there.  is it hard to pick up a used one for cheap around cape town? if this is an option, anyone recommend a favorite shop?
thanks in advance to anyone who answers



RE: moving to south africa - a few questions

depends what your used to. 2/3 is fine for me. if you surf 20 degree water all year round bring something warmer. you can get a decent second had board pretty easily round cape town for between R800 to R1500. with the exchange rate it shouldnt be a problem



RE: moving to south africa - a few questions

I just surfed in Cape Town last week and it was cold. I'm used to british waters and thought I'd be fine in my 3mm full suit with a 1.5 long sleeved rash underneath and I froze! The locals were wearing 4/3 suits some with integral hoods. Truth is that there is a nasty wind which just cuts through you when you're out of the water. My advice is to get a 4/3 as being cold totally takes the enjoyment out of it. I don't know where you're from but for people from the like me UK South Africa is a dream for cheap surf gear. It's probably worth waiting until you get out there to buy your wetsuit and you'll get a cheap board easily in any of the local surf spots (even a new one - there are some great local shapers). I'm so jealous you're spending some time out there - you'll love it.



RE: moving to south africa - a few questions

If you are still listening.Get yourself a 4/3 or youll freeze your nads off. It's cold even in summer. You do get used to the temperature though, eventually. Luandudno is the coldest of all.


don mckee

RE: moving to south africa - a few questions

I'm from hout bay and have surfed llandudno for over 10 years and have never worn a hoodie/booties or a wetsuit thicker than a 3/2. So my advice is don't shell out cash for a new suit, rather spend it on a good board. You can get second hand ones at most surf shops in town that range from a couple hundred rand to about a thousand. I'd say depending on how long you're gonna be there, it would be an option to get one shaped especially since they come in at approx. the same price as a new one if you buy it in the shop.
Try Sport & Surf or pick up a copy of the Zigzag and check out the local shapers. if you want more info, send me a mail to donmckee12@yahoo.com



RE: moving to south africa - a few questions

Mate a 3 2 is fine im originally from scotland so freezing youtr bollocks off in the sea isnae a prob..sorry i cant help on the hiring side of things..
have a blast and try and get the hell away from the cape..

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