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Topic: Surf/Study Cape Town?
Views: 5825 Replies: 4
Topic: Surf/Study Cape Town?
Views: 5825 Replies: 4



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South Africa South Africa



Surf/Study Cape Town?

Hey, I'm a student in the US trying to decide between studying abroad in Australia, or in Capetown. A big deciding factor is obviously the surf- so I just had a couple questions I'd love for some locals to answer:

- water temp february through june.. bearable?
- how far are the good breaks from capetown itself? i won't have my own car, so i don't want to be begging strangers and new friends for hour long rides to find some surf.
- sharks.. seriously.. am i going to see one every time i go out? i'd be able to deal with getting eaten by one, if that's the way i'm supposed to die, but i'd rather not have a heart attack on a daily basis from seeing those fins all around me.




RE: Surf/Study Cape Town?

hey melissa, i hope i'am not to late for this Reply. I'am Swiss and I've been at UCT for a semester abroad in 2004.

First of all... go for it! It will be your lifetime experience! Cape Town rocks and the people are realaxed! Surf is pretty good around Cape Town but the Water is f...... cold. There are breaks around for every level. Sharks are also around but don't worry. They are other things in C.T. you should be more worry about. But even those are reasonble if you follow a few rules. What you definitly going to need is a car. From Observatory, where most of the students stay, is it a 25 min ride to the nearest spot. You can get cheap longtime carrentales at UCT.



RE: Surf/Study Cape Town?

you'll need a car to get to the beach, or get into a digs with some surfers or make some friends fast.  because of the peninsula you're pretty much always guaranteed of there being waves somewhere, you're just likely to need to travel.

A good wetsuit and a bit of acclimatisation and you wont worry about the cold.  we dont...



RE: Surf/Study Cape Town?

hey bro
to be honest aus has better waves but cape town university is sick chicks are gorgeous and there are good waves yes u do need a good suit. cab chilly but nothing crazy.youll dig it here awesome place i reckon pull through here also surfing equipment boards etc... are the cheapest here in the world

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