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Topic: work and surfing in Indo - Thailand
Views: 2732 Replies: 4
Topic: work and surfing in Indo - Thailand
Views: 2732 Replies: 4



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work and surfing in Indo - Thailand

I wanna stay and surf in Thailand or Indo for about a year or so, but if i wanna be there for a while i need to find some kind of work so that i can get by during my time there....dose anyone know what the work oppertunities are like there, even if its just casual work

Drew....South Africa


Neil Marshall

RE: work and surfing in Indo - Thailand

Aye there are heaps of teaching jobs, that would be the best bet.  If you look good in a dress you could get a job in a bar.


Indo or Thailand

RE: work and surfing in Indo - Thailand

Dude there's a big difference between surfing in Indo and surfing in Thailand - i guess you gota get that sorted first.  As far as work, you'll be pushing it to make profit in either of those countries.  

So maybe you could volunteer your time to a worthy cause in the right region and have the organisation house and feed you.. theres some really good websites that deal with both of these countries, just do a google search.  Eg. VIBE

good luck



RE: work and surfing in Indo - Thailand

yeh mate, surfing in indo and swimming in thailand
1st of all, take your dollars with u cause u can NOT work... for one thing u would expect to earn 10bux a week and 2 it is just unheard of... if u want to surf go to indo, have 2 weeks in kuta mucking around, then get out of there go up and down the coast on a motorbike or car then get on a boat and go to near by islands like nusa lamboangan, sumbawa, sumatra, java, lombok, gili islands etc.. go from may 2 sept when the winds are consistent however go in the off season to get uncrowded and rarely surfed waves on the less populated sides on these islands... when ur surfing in the off season prepare for earlys everyday and if u want to surf the other side of the islands eg sanuar in bali in the on seasons every surf must be at dawn...

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