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Topic: Surf accommodations in Tonga
Views: 7971 Replies: 5
Topic: Surf accommodations in Tonga
Views: 7971 Replies: 5


Keith Lenard

Posted in

Tonga Tonga



Surf accommodations in Tonga

Are their other accommodations that are suitable for a visiting surfer other than the Ha'atafu Beach Resort?  Does Ha'atafu have any kind of exclusive rights to the breaks?



RE: Surf accommodations in Tonga

Continued from previous post:
Tonga is becoming a very expensive country to live and holiday. Cost of
living has skyrocketed in recent years with the devaluation of the local
currency and resultant inflation due to rising cost of imports. It's not as
expensive as French Polynesia but isn't far off.

Re exclusive rights to surf. As proprietor of Ha'atafu Beach Resort I can
assure you that we have no exclusive rights to waves in Tonga. We find the
concept abhorant and are thankfull that the "cancer" has been contained
within the boundries of Fiji without infecting anywhere else in the Sth
Pacific. You are free to surf wherever and whenever you wish in Tonga.

Hope the info helps.




RE: Surf accommodations in Tonga

I am reading this forum for the first time and am looking for some simple answers about the surf and people on Tonga. My girlfriend and I are fitness coaches from NYC coming to Tongatapu in late January to run fitness seminars at some local gyms and among other things, I plan on surfing a lot.  We will be staying about 3 months and want to know as much as possible about local surf conditions from Feb. to April and any other possible insight as far as local accomodations for that duration of time and what we should expect and if anyone has any knowledge of the local perception of fitness or any other pearls of wisdom, please share!  Thanks!



RE: Surf accommodations in Tonga

Hi Steve,
I just wanted to say that I was stoked to read your reply about exclusivity of waves in Tonga. How great it would be to see that attitude throughout the world. My wife was born in Tonga and we are heading over in a couple of days and looking forward to getting a few waves and me visiting her birth place for the first time. I look forward to seeing your beautiful country and may even bump into you at some stage.
God bless.



RE: Surf accommodations in Tonga

awsome comments,tonga is a amazing country,sure its not that consistant but its a third of the price compared to some other islands and people are amazing,been three times and i never had to walk anywhere if i didnt have to,people would stop for me and over me rides to and from town.i had a quick chat with steve while in tonga last june and his attitude is very very refreshing,tonga is a must go for a relaxing holiday.cheers steve(from the kiwi booger who chatted to you about the nz crime rises,haha ,see you soon

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