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Topic: Surf on 'Eua
Views: 6508 Replies: 5
Topic: Surf on 'Eua
Views: 6508 Replies: 5



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Surf on 'Eua

I read somewhere the other day that there is "world class waves on Eua" as well as another beach on Tongatapu which wasn't Ha'atafu but I forget the name. Does anyone know anything about these waves?



RE: Surf on 'Eua

Hi Sam,
There is no other surfing coast/ beach other than Ha’atafu on Tongatapu. There are no beach breaks- all reef.
There is some surf on Eua and Euaiki.
As for “world class”- there are some good “outer reef” breaks in Tonga, on their day, but they would not rank very high on a world quality scale when compared to Indo, Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand etc, etc.
The few breaks on the reef, along the only surfing beach on Tongatapu, are short and fun but definately not "world class".



RE: Surf on 'Eua

Forget Eua Sam. Fantastic for hiking and scenic walks but the surf is a non-event. Sorry Phil but disagree with your view of wave quality. My job gets me to the Sth Pacific regularly and I try to visit Tonga at least once a year. Surfed both summer and winter seasons and some of the set-ups are as good as I've surfed in the  Mentawais. Fishtraps, ET's and Loonies are incredible waves. Sure it can be inconsistent but that whole area of the SW Pacific suffers flat spells from time to time.  Anyhow keep up the negative postings Phil ..... you might keep some of the lemmings away.



RE: Surf on 'Eua

what swell is needed for eua?is the spot near the harbour? ive been there before and was sectioning and dodgy,amazing island,way better than tongatapu



RE: Surf on 'Eua

not worth going there specifically for the waves but theres 2 lefts and a right between hideaway and the harbour but needs medium sw swell and a high tide , heavy but rideable

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