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Topic: Surf in Vava'u group?
Views: 21512 Replies: 17
Topic: Surf in Vava'u group?
Views: 21512 Replies: 17



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Tonga Tonga



Surf in Vava'u group?

Going to Tonga late Sept, but to the Vava'u Island group which is north of the main Island. Does anyone know of any surf up there?


Finau Fonua

RE: Surf in Vava'u group?

HI Dude,
I'm a local surfer and part of the Tonga Surfriders Association. So I know pretty much everything about the surf there.

Was just searching around this website seeing what they say about me island. THere is surf in Vava'u but noone is going to tell you cause its all secret spots and you not a yacht to get to it. There is no beachbreak or reefbreak you can just go out and paddle out too. ONe it is 2 dangerous cause of big rocks and 2 its never consistent.

Trust me if you wanna surf Haatafu Beach Resort is the place. Book early cause September, October will be a pain i the ass to get a booking cause thats when Tonga is pumping.

I hope I'd answered your question?




Hi there Finau,
I was just reading your reply. My wife and I are arriving in Tonga on Sep 17 and staying at Otuhaka. How has the swell and wave quality been recently? My wife was born in Tonga so we are looking forward to coming back and me getting to see your beautiful country for the first time. I am very excited at the prospect of getting a few waves but have heard many varied reports about size, quality and consistency. What is your opinion?
Thanks and I might bump into you soon.



RE: Surf in Vava'u group?

andy couple of tips, in vava'u find the kiwi cafe owner, be nice and ask him to take you out in his tinnie, he surfs and will surf and fish with you. knows all the spots and conditions  that make em work. cheap too!


Sylvia White

RE: Surf in Vava'u group? Tonga

hi there, would love to hear more info on spots in the va'vau group.  we have a sailboat and are in fiji at the moment (great surf here!), coming over to tonga in september, spend most of our time in vavauu and haapai group, would like to hear more.... if you can email us: [email protected] that would be great - difficult t get internet access out here... thanks



RE: Surf in Vava'u group?

Hi I am the kiwi cafe owner in the previous emails
Malo Finau
Yes there is waves up here but they are hard to access & need local knowlege to know whats working
We run surf tour but keep numbers to a minimum
there are alot of seppos moving here now so if you want uncrowded waves get here fast before they ruin this part of the planet!!
Our motto is "where surfing is still an adventure"
remember rthat & visit Vava'u its beautiful
contact me for more info I dont really bite
Malo aupito
Ofa atu ki Steve mo famili



RE: Surf in Vava'u group?

hi porl..
me and my family ( 8 adults / 3 children ) are heading to Vava'u late July - staying at the Tongan beach resort, we are all keen to go fishing and my brother and i are mad keen surfers, is it cool to look you up when we are in town? also keen to go sea kayaking, whale watching etc..

see ya soon
guy dalton


Michael Kahn

RE: Surf in Vava'u group?

Hi there Porl,

I'm trying to plan a trip to your country in July for me and my wife. I'm even considering buying a little place down there to escape the rat race of Los Angeles. I would love to go surfing down there in uncrowded, NOT crazy waves. I'm even open to chartering a live aboard boat to cruise around the Vavau group for 10 days or so..........what do you think?




RE: Surf in Vava'u group?

a group of 6 from NZ are headin to tonga in october, can u reccommend any accomodation backpacker style on a surf beach?



RE: Surf in Vava'u group?

look what happened to hawaii when the yanks wanted a little place to escape the rat race,nice try seppo

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