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Topic: Bali / Surfing Virgins

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Rob Maylor

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Indonesia Indonesia


Bali / Surfing Virgins

« on: June 11 2005 14:06:00 »

Hey all,

My mates and I are planning a trip to bali for the month of august after our exams in July. Again, we are in the planning stage. none of us have ever been to bali and are very inexperienced  surfers (4 times total collectively). Could we please get advice as to surf camps, places to stay (if they are better than the surf camps) and things to do? i know that's a pretty exhaustive list but it seems like the people on this list have really good information to share and we want this to be the trip of a lifetime so any advice on planning the trip from you pro's would be greatly appreciated.




RE: Bali / Surfing Virgins

« Reply #1 on: June 11 2005 21:06:00 »

Right on brothers...we are doing the same thing.

On a related note, we are 3 jamaicans headed over to learn to surf as well and would  love any pointers  on where to go and what to do. Best places to surf? Any surf guides and hotels/hostels anyone would recommend? We're not rich but we want to learn  to surf and have a chill/kick ass time.

lastly, we the group of us took a trip out to japan not too long ago and got lots of attention (good and bad). we're not loud by any means but obviously as Jamaicans we stick out in the typically white surfer/snowboarder culture. is this gonna be a problem in bali ? or does everyone live and love and get along? sure hope so...advice. one love.


Sam Hanley

RE: Bali / Surfing Virgins

« Reply #2 on: June 25 2005 16:06:00 »

Yo Marley. On Bali island everyone loves everyone that acts nice! get what I mean? if you act like a prick you will get you belly sliced open and all you stuff ripped off. But if you are respectfull and havce love in your heart you will be AMAZED at how loving and generouse the Balanese are. I am a surf guide living in Tuban, Kuta. Maby you can hit me a mail ( and I can school you to some of the spots, and maby find you some places to stay (i won't change any comish, purely for the love) as a side note, please don't be offended by this, but... DO NOT BRING ANY WEED!!!!! it can be got here cheap and easy. I repeat DO NOT BRING WEED! as for racism? I guess you can find pricks everywere, but I don't see it being an issue.  I hope you have a good time bro!!



RE: Bali / Surfing Virgins

« Reply #3 on: July 12 2005 10:07:00 »


I am planning a trip to Indo too. I've only just begun surfing too and I'm not too sure which trip/tour would be the best to take! Did you get any hits back from anyone with solid advice, if so could you please also fill me in a little too.

Thanks heaps,
Mel, WA



RE: Bali / Surfing Virgins

« Reply #4 on: July 19 2005 05:07:00 »

I've a  bic 7-9' thinking about heading out in august I've done some beach breaks on the west coast of ireland but no reefs yet - any thoughts on wether it'd be easier just to get a board there or should I bring my own ? would mine be suitable - what size board is good for out there ?



RE: Bali / Surfing Virgins

« Reply #5 on: July 20 2005 00:07:00 »

Hey all, I'm back for my fifth trip to Bali in August so I know the place pretty well, you guys that are just beggining will prob want to stick to the beach breaks around the Kuta area for 3 or 4 days before getting out to the reefs usually pretty boring closeouts but can have days of magic, will give you a guys a chance to brush up on getting to your feet quick. I would also look at heading to the West end of the Island and surfing places like Balian and Medewi. Balian is a semi rivermouth setup that breaks over sand an hour from Kuta, can be heavy A frames when up to 5 foot but not too bad most of the time, Medewi is a boulder point with mushy long walled waves about an hour and a half from Kuta.



RE: Bali / Surfing Virgins

« Reply #6 on: July 20 2005 00:07:00 »

These waves will allow you to get used to the power without getting scarred up. After a week or so of this its time to check out the real waves on the bukit peninsula or even the coral reefs around Kuta, if its your first time on waves like this theres no need to freak out, I'd reccomend somewhere like Kuta reef or dreamlands obviously if its huge save it for another day. If Kuta catch a boat with a couple of others out to the break just follow another surfer down there, if dreamlands you can paddle out after a 20 min drive from Kuta


kill u pussyfaggotts

RE: Bali / Surfing Virgins

« Reply #7 on: July 23 2005 17:07:00 »

oh how cute a few aussie queers gonna go to bali to learn to surf great idea ,,,NOT (after only the exams} stay home you babbling queers for once we dont have you loud mouth  aussies anywhere in here whats the matter no backup for your kind you aussies talk so much shit bout how hardcore yare but i guess this aint the case hun and folks yes 70 percent of ozzies r like the guys above but like to try to ortray the toughness of their history it was a criminal deposit as the country first developped anyway have a good ol time queers make sure you go to padang2 at low tide ................[finnally sic of all you loud fuks  brazilians  too}



RE: Bali / Surfing Virgins

« Reply #8 on: July 01 2007 21:07:00 »

Wow! Where did that guy come from. I guess it's like you said there are pricks everywhere. Wonder where he's from. Guess not Australia. Sounds like good advice from some guys about start in Kuta Bali. Definantly don't bring the ganja. If and when you get tired of the Kuta Bali crowds I suggest Kuta Bali. Really relaxed and has beginner reef breaks. Ask for Bruno or Tokyo, They're locla surf guides and very cool. Bruno may still be in Japan. There are olaces to stay for well under $10 U.S. a night including breakfast. Much mellower than Bali. And for the racist homophobe save it. Ya racist. Aussie, Brazilian, I've surfed with cool and not cool from both places. It doesn't matter where you're from.



RE: Bali / Surfing Virgins

« Reply #9 on: July 01 2007 21:07:00 »

I get people telling me it is super polluted in Indo.
Like it's not unusual to see 3 dead fish.
I've been told ear infections are rife.


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