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Topic: Surfing Western Oz
Views: 5992 Replies: 14
Topic: Surfing Western Oz
Views: 5992 Replies: 14


bonnies mum

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Australia Australia



RE: Surfing Western Oz

and you're an idiot who can't spell. You're obviously in primary school, or a complete cockhead.



RE: Surfing Western Oz

yeah get back to school bonnie. If you are older than 30 you would know that it has been just as big, if not bigger before. Easter 86, Winter 89, Winter 91. just to mention a few. But you were prob still gettin ya ass wiped by ya mum then, so you wouldnt know would ya. Or more likely you were'nt even in west oz. So get back in ya camper-van, strap ya mal on and f**k off back to mexico.
And make sure ya dont stop at cactus, cos im sure they dont wanna see you again either.



RE: Surfing Western Oz

hey people howz it going just wanted 2 know wot sort of beaches to surf at in perth as im in leedervill for a month on ma own just checking the great life of oz out any 1 give me any tips and how friendly are all the surfers/people?



RE: Surfing Western Oz

Hey Daniel, well not much surf in Perth metro during summer mate (or winter for that matter)
If your just a beginner then your best bet is around Scarborough (park at the end carpark of Observation City) Most of the time you can catch a small wave or two if there is a little bit of swell around.
Don't worry bout localism, Ive surfed all the beaches from Fremantle to Yanchep for years and never had a problem.
Theres sometimes a clown in the water who thinks surf etiquette doesn't apply to them, but if you give respect u normally get it given back. (google surf etiqutte if your not sure what it is)
One place to avoid is Trigg Point, not because of localism but its just insanely packed (not worth the stress)
GoD LuK :)

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