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Topic: How are chicks in Tamarindo?
Views: 22663 Replies: 15
Topic: How are chicks in Tamarindo?
Views: 22663 Replies: 15



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RE: How are chicks in Tamarindo?

Their all Nymphos !!!! I swear on my surfboard that when I got there, I got laid more then my parents and grandparents did in their whole lifes.  Yes.. They are taken by the other locals, But their men are not educated in the cama sutra and the arts of oral pleasure.



RE: How are chicks in Tamarindo?

dude dont even try picking up a latin chick
they will laugh at your white american ass
you gringos look pathetic trying to surf our waves and score with our chiks .
good luck gringo
by the way learn to duck dive you gonna need it here


gomez numes

RE: How are chicks in Tamarindo?

hey buddy i think you might wanna take your headout of you greasy mcdonald ass and realise ticos can surf just as good as gringos



RE: How are chicks in Tamarindo?

A man ?  Anyone seen chong?  Last night he lit his P cker on fire and I haven't seen him since man.  It was funny as sht though because he wa so wasted he thought his P cker was a roach and lit himself on fire.  Hey man ?  I was in Tamarindo and I met this babe Anchajina.  Man, She was so lose, I put my hand on her thigh and her h leo litterally sucked my hand right into her.   I tried to get it out and it pleasured her so much she screamed in orgasm.  I'm still stuck with her if you know what I mean and it really sucks (No pun intended) because The surf is pumpin(No pun intended) and I think Chong took my board.  He Also took the wacky tobbaci and the qualudes.



RE: How are chicks in Tamarindo?

dont listen to all these local chucks...they arent nearly as good as they say they r at surfing...haha and most americans get more girls on a 1 week vacation then most locals do in their lives!!!!!

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