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Topic: WHo has tried surf goggles & what works the best?
Views: 39014 Replies: 16
Topic: WHo has tried surf goggles & what works the best?
Views: 39014 Replies: 16


yosef amzalag

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Costa Rica Costa Rica



looking for good sunglasses to surf with

i am a new surfer and i wear contact . i am looking for sunglasses to protect my contact and my eays. i may buy the kurtis brand and the seaspacs and try them on my next trip to costa rica in feb 2011 . they i will report on this site whitch one is the best .
from reading so far i think the kurtis will do it but i need to try it firs



I have tried them all

There are few surf goggles out there. I like the Spex from Amphibian. They float and are only 60 bucks. plus you can change the lenses after they scratch. i tired kurtis but they are not that good and cost like 180 dollars. i can buy 3 of the spex for that price



Ordered Duke surf goggles

Oh dear. I am sorry to hear that. I don't have the same issue but my eyes are killing me as wel. I am in Costa rica and my eyes got so irritated from surfing I decided to invest in those expensive surf goggles from Kurtis. I sure hope they do a good job because they are expensive! You can e-mail me if you wish to know more or check out my blog as I will write a review on them



RE: WHo has tried surf goggles & what works the best?

Interesting thread and not sure what I did to BigOlas?  Did I cut you off Olas? North Shore?   It is our goal to save your eyes in the lineup and be the most innovative and personable eyewear brand on the planet.  Use coupon code "MyFamily" to save 10% on your Kurtis Eyewear.  Just see who is wearing us and why at www.KurtisUSA.com  *We even show you how to make your own for FREE.  No Fried Eyes!



RE: WHo has tried surf goggles & what works the best?

Hi.....I have bad eyes from surfing too.....I need goggles that are sealed.....from what I understood kurtis goggles are open and water can touch the eye. Any ideas anyone.?



RE: WHo has tried surf goggles & what works the best?

Kurtis is good but sucks in beach break. I like to surf heavy beach break and the way the straps connect in the back are totally cheezy. I mean they stay on when its small or point waves an basic stuff, but they need a strap for when its heavy rather then the 2 little pieces of chees ball china Velcro. There is better Velcro, but basically a strap that you could since down would be awesone, I have a pair from 4 years ago and I'm surprised they have not made the change.  Totally lame !

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