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Topic: Surf Poem,
Views: 7603 Replies: 52
Topic: Surf Poem,
Views: 7603 Replies: 52


dice Clay

Posted in

General General



RE: Surf Poem,

OHHHHHHHH that gotta hurt Tommy


oh mu god Danger!

RE: Surf Poem,

Bet grip bra when I rumble, you crumble

My stuff is good like modem

Go soup, rappers getting soup front and rugged

but i don't plug it, when my sematic hits to your nugget

and expose, you know how it goes when it be pretty

when we roll is like we got the key to the sitty

it won't be pretty,

for you to challenge, knock you off balance

betta reconsider your talents,

you weasle, you better off pump and diesel

I find it feasable your days is a frontin' evil

Shouting to your people triing to bless your spot

but we don't beleive that cuz CBS tells a lot

on who got shot and who does all the crime


and you knew it all the time



RE: Surf Poem,

That last one is not eaxtly a cheerfull surf poem, is it?



RE: Surf Poem,

Yup, it's true......White boys can't rap.

How many brothers are there in Rochester?  Not many, I'll wager.


Welcome to da waanabe me show

RE: Surf Poem,

You said you a gansta but you neva pop nuttin'
We said you a wanksta and you need to stop frontin'
You ain't a friend of mine,
You ain't no kin of mine,
What makes you think that I wont run up on you with the nine
We do this all tha tyme, right now we on tha grind
So hurry up and copy and go selling nicks and dimes
Shorty she so fyne, I gotta make her mine
A ass like dat gotta be one of a kind



RE: Surf Poem,

Surf surf surf like fcuk
into the side of a 10ton truck!

Mongo juice
Can o beans
See ma face in your wet dreams!

LOL (slightly plagiarized from SM5D)


The Gipper

RE: Surf Poem,

Tom -
Don't take this personally, though u should.
But maybe writing isn't your strongest skill.
Truth is, you have written acouple of show-called
poems or Raps, that quite Honestly could have been
written better by eight yr olds.  I'm a second grade
English teacher, and I get better work from my students.
Have you considered going back to school to work on your writing skils ? Cause Truth is........You just plain suck !!!!!!!!


Woh Ho ho hahaha !!!!!!

RE: Surf Poem,

Dam  !!!!!!   Talk about beating someane down !!!!  Are you related to Simon ?



RE: Surf Poem,

LEAVE TOMMY ALONE !!!!!!!! he's special  !!! ( if you know what  I mean !! ) He is Mentally Challenged.....I think !!!!



RE: Surf Poem,

Tom, I will give you some private lessons on grammar, puctuation and spelling.  You probably cant afford me so just forget about it then. You are definately not a poet!

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