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Topic: Shark attack
Views: 44777 Replies: 14
Topic: Shark attack
Views: 44777 Replies: 14



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Mauritius Mauritius



RE: Shark attack

Yes, there are dangerous sharks in Mauritius, particularly bull, dusky, sandbar, and tiger sharks. Although attacks are rare, there are several contributing factors to attacks.

Surfers, as a group are most at risk since the resemble a seal or sea turtle from below. Since 1970, surfers have been attacked 439 times,almost double the amount of attacks on swimmers
An important fact to consider is that the vibrations a human emits while swimming calmly and naturally are exactly the same as those emitted by a wounded fish.  

For more information on shark attacks, visit:


Jake Daniels

RE: Shark attack

Christine quote "Do you even know where Mauritius is you stupid tard ?  Your a good example of why expecting mothers shouldn't drink or smoke.  Retarded people like you should be put to death at birth. Like this world needs anymore stupid losers Like you. Go play in traffic and leave us all alone."
what a nice person......if there was a god of Irony surely a shark would have had a deserving meal.



RE: Shark attack

hey, been living in mauritius for 19yrs now, everyone come down here n surf as much as you want, no shark attacks are on here!! except maybe at Souiilac, Gris-Gris, where after the corall reefs, u wud encounter sharks, the lagoon is not gr8 there as compared to other surf sports.. enjoy!



RE: Shark attack

Sharks are a part of surfing.
The universal shark test * should make you understand this quite easily, but don't worry too much about it:
sharks kill about 12 persons a year (more chances of winning the lotto), humans kill 11500 sharks per HOUR.
If I were a shark I would really work hard to invert those figures.

* dip your finger in the water then put it to your mouth. If its salty then you know this is where sharks live : )

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