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Topic: Anyone surf Banyak and Simeulue Islands,Sumatra?
Views: 51816 Replies: 43
Topic: Anyone surf Banyak and Simeulue Islands,Sumatra?
Views: 51816 Replies: 43



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RE: Anyone surf Banyak and Simeulue Islands,Sumatra?

Don't forget about South Sumatra when thinking surf destinations, great waves and it is way cheaper. Check out
and send an email if you want any more info. Longest left in front of the Hotel and other waves in the area... it is a beautiful part of the world with friendly locals; well worth a look!


Casarina Simeulue

Simeulue and Banyaks

Been at Banyaks and Simeulue more than most I guess starting exploration days with the crew of Bohemian Steve and Charlie named Treasures Thailands Tea Bags done 5 circumnavigations of Simeulue in boatMahtab surf dived countless reefs lived now at Simeulue more than 15 years with my wife 2 kids..cheered Charlie Harris into massive barrels at Tea Bags used to eat Thai food drink Thai beer with Thai people eating wild pigs from the jungle at the illegal logging camp at Labuan where Thailands is at. Used to sneek into Simeulue before tsunami during the Acehnese Resistance/Separatist Movement.. Now we stay at Casarina Simeulue www.surfsimeulue.com   Used to be lonely staying at Simeulue but not anymore.. Stop by anytime so we can Talk Story. Love meeting new people from all over the world..



Surfing there

I read what you said and you were lucky to go and stay there years ago. I have a question, I have never been there and thinking of going in October? I don't want to spend a fortune in a all inclusive but want all the goods too, boat rides to breaks, food and lodging. Can I rent boat rides to places but I may be solo and how do I find a people with a boat and others to split cost? How to find lodging where great surf?
If you can help me, greatly appreciate it. Is there anything else? Thank you

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