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Topic: Living in Indo

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Indonesia Indonesia


RE: Living in Indo

« on: July 10 2005 13:07:00 »

Hey, so it's been almost a year since I first posted with the idea of traveling to Indo.  I'm sorry to say that I have yet step foot in Bali.  However, after reading the new encouraging posts, I have a renewed interest in traveling there.

It seems that the visas and vaccinations will be my first logistical steps to making this trip a reality.  The next obstacles will be plane tickets, accomodation, and further ideas of how to earn enough money to stay as long as possible without incurring a debt.

Thanks to all the replies to post.  Even to those trying to warn me off.  It may not be soon, but I will be in Indo at some point, and there will be at least one more post describing the experience.  Thanks to all.  Living the dream.



RE: Living in Indo

« Reply #1 on: July 12 2005 09:07:00 »

My boyfriend and I are ehading there early Septemebr, Im so dahm excited after reading up a bit and watching a travel guide video.  Has anyone been there since the Tsunami hit?  We are starting in Bali, I haven't heard any bad things about Bali but just wanted to check with anyone who has first hand experience.



RE: Living in Indo

« Reply #2 on: July 12 2005 11:07:00 »

Nah Amy the Tsunami didn't reach Bali. But after the bomb hit a few years ago the town turned into a ghost town but it's all getting better now. Gotta support the place. After the London stuff the last week Bali looks like a paradise destination. Where r u from, what do you know about Bali, what type of holiday r u guys looking for?


Agus Dedi Irawan

RE: Living in Indo

« Reply #3 on: July 19 2005 09:07:00 »

Go ahead.


bintang dreams

RE: Living in Indo

« Reply #4 on: July 23 2005 06:07:00 »

fukn funny reading all these replys hey, if u read the first one its nothing like the majority after it, anyways indo is fukn sik mate i dig it, was disapointed to hear that shawno u still aint there thats a yr bro fuk off your job vacinations take 1 or 2 days visas are fukn easy to get  its if u really want it do it, im 25 and fuk i feel i dont feel i have enough time theres so much i wanna do and ive already seen a shit load of the globe, ahhhhhhh fuk get amognst it bro and fuk bali it suks the saris gone now hit sumatra for waves and tiny asians dolls. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo



RE: Living in Indo

« Reply #5 on: July 23 2005 06:07:00 »

Dude you crack me up hahaha


real fukkah

RE: Living in Indo

« Reply #6 on: July 23 2005 13:07:00 »

you aussies think your so hardcore an shit well let me tell you bout when i was in g-land in oct 2001 all you assies oops aussies went home to the safety of your country and only a few hardcore americans and a  less then a few aussies decided to stay while on the way back to bali people were being attacked in their vans and a german couple got macheteed in lombok kids attacking people in djakarta for money from indonesian political wrongdooers ,anyways your not ALL bad asses when it comes domw to it and americans arent all wealthy pussyfarts so dont be a small cock the rest of your life



RE: Living in Indo

« Reply #7 on: August 06 2005 05:08:00 »

mate read your message and see how hardcore u think u are, fukn joke mate, so what if a lot of aussys went home dosnt mean a thing, read your message a 2nd time and see how fukn stupid you sound, you arnt hardcore your just blind and ignorant , read your message a 3rd time then realise why americans are judged the way they are by the worldwide community.



RE: Living in Indo

« Reply #8 on: August 06 2005 21:08:00 »

yeah aussy its true you guys talk a lot and act like a-holes very often hey look how cool i am kinda thing then they surf and they can barely stand up.Are there any humbled good surfers like curren no there never ever was there all loud mouths kinda like nat young back in the day in hawaii he got chased out by one smaller local for 4 hours he was hiding paddling north back south finally the guy was hungry so he just said this shit talker aint worth my energy.I love this true story how do i know its true ,cause it was my father the great JOSE ANGEL.he dont lie. and that story wasnt in nat youngs book how interesting .what you gotta say now punkass aussy or pussy samething brah.


heresthe truth

RE: Living in Indo

« Reply #9 on: August 06 2005 21:08:00 »

american wanker this aussie loadmouth that,well let me tell you bout when a few american pros went to scotland for a surf on the best right of the emerald  isles  the pros were surfing  respectfully and sharing as always should be done especially in a foreign land,the biggest local was so stoked at their respectfullness befriended them ,at 6 ft 5  280 lbs he was a monster.anyways a caravan pulls up an australian family ,guy suites up gos out and just starts dropping in on everyone and anything thinking he owned everywave ,big local paddled up to him and says somethin like why cant you be cool and respectfull like [pointing at the americans]those travellers,anyways the aussie actually gave a lil lip so the local had to make him leave ,too bad bye bye. SURFERS JOURNALvolume 14 number 3

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