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Topic: crowds in nicaragua????????????

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Nicaragua Nicaragua


RE: crowds in nicaragua????????????

« on: September 14 2005 14:09:00 »

Right on Mark,
These guy's are part of the problem and they try and justify it by telling everyone that they want to share the stoke.

I've surfed in Nica for years as my wife is Nica and we come often to visit family. I have surfed good waves in threNorth and Central parts of Nica with only myself or a couple of others in the line-up. People will grow tired of spending bucks to surf with boat loads of others. My2 cents


Camilo Martinez

RE: crowds in nicaragua????????????

« Reply #1 on: November 11 2005 10:11:00 »

Hello i work for Century21 On the Lake in Granada Nicaragua.
here in Granada we have a lot of activities.
More business are being opened.
If you come to Nicaragua you will notice lots of tourists all over.

Nicaragua, the land of lakes and volcanoes is also the land of history, cultural and pride. What many do not realize is that Nicaragua has been declared the safest country in Central America, surpassing even Costa Rica. Unfortunately, Nicaragua is still suffering the image of a country at war, when in reality, peace has prevailed for over 12 years.



RE: crowds in nicaragua????????????

« Reply #2 on: November 11 2005 16:11:00 »

i think some of you are missing the point.  the guy wanted to know if nica is crowded.  the answer is yes, very crowded.  in this month's surfer mag there is an ad for yet another surf camp.  look, do the math yourself.  7 camps in the same area, 5-25 surfers/week in each camp, all camps basically using the same 4 breaks - that is what i call a crowd.  if you want to pay $1000 bucks (plus airfare) and travel down there be prepared to surf with lots of other people.  sharing a 5 wave set every 10 minutes with 20-30 people makes your cost per wave pretty steep.  i'm not bitter, i'm honest.  the camps advertise "offshore winds with no crowds" which is not true.



RE: crowds in nicaragua????????????

« Reply #3 on: November 17 2005 06:11:00 »

Can't tell you how many times i've surfed here with 2 people or alone.  Everyone is south in Rivas, yet there's an entire coast north with great breaks for those who are more adventurous.  Crowds?  So many days I wish I had someone to share it all with.  Stay south and you'll see crowds.  From Managua up, there are insane breaks with few to none surfing. Just go the road less travelled.



RE: crowds in nicaragua????????????

« Reply #4 on: November 17 2005 08:11:00 »

The only "crowd's" in Nicaragua is in Managua when you drive  through town to the pacific coast.  I go to Montelimar, saw no one on the beach in May 2005. I did see waves and lots of them. Truly beautiful, fabulous area, We go back Nov 28-Dec3 2005. (I am excited)My advice, if you care, is go and enjoy the people, the surf, the food and the beauty of a truly "undiscovered country". I do not know much about the surf camps but I never did follow the crowds anyway.



RE: crowds in nicaragua????????????

« Reply #5 on: November 26 2005 11:11:00 »

Well said...


BEN Around

RE: crowds in nicaragua????????????

« Reply #6 on: December 01 2005 15:12:00 »

Been in both Nicaragua summers of 04 and 05.  Two weeks on each stay.  I can't begin to explain the change that occured between the two visits.  Between new homes being built in the popoyo area, locals becoming a factors, more surf camps showing up, boats flying in from no whre,,,, its nuts.  04 most I surfed with was maybe 6-7 cause of small waves leaving few breaks to choose.  Now in the same situation could be looking at 15-20 on one peak.  There is a need to explore further north, but everyone is lazy i'm guessing.  It's just another example of the exploitation of an perfect area being turned into a yank's money machine.  If you want peace, that area is not where you will find it anymore.


Ben Around

RE: crowds in nicaragua????????????

« Reply #7 on: December 01 2005 15:12:00 »

Hate to say it,  but J.J. did not do anything to help preserve the area.  Basically selling it off in his own interest.  I just hope the locals get something out of it other then cleaning dishes.


Slick Rick

RE: crowds in nicaragua????????????

« Reply #8 on: December 06 2005 19:12:00 »

all you maggots complaining about crowds don't realize it but you are the problem with crowds in nicaragua.  if you don't like it stay in florida and learn how to surf while you're at it...sometimes the truth hurts, if you're scared go to church.


dale dagger

RE: crowds in nicaragua????????????

« Reply #9 on: December 07 2005 05:12:00 »

I just had a group of four surfers spend a week.
Seven days with  two sessions sometimes three sessions a day and they surfed with other people three times.
They left surfed out and with huge smiles.
I have been taking people surfing in Nicaragua for ten years and know the changes we have had better than most.
Yes it is more crowded than it was but get in the boat and go surfing.

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