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Topic: Dangerous Country
Views: 47125 Replies: 64
Topic: Dangerous Country
Views: 47125 Replies: 64



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RE Dangerous Country

Most of the comments on this thread are totally laughable....Latino Surfers have no real metal and for all the hot air..I've been down here now over eight years and have never seen a real fight!!!( one on one?) These guys are only ever going to talk shit about running for their guns and how some places belong to them.....believe me the boys in Costa Rica are far harder...most Salvadorian surfers are little rich mama's boys who still live at home. Doesn't mean though they dont talk shit the highest level...hahahah
Please..... as really rich us all a favor and stop giving these little local princes free surfboards and ahit at the end of your's creating a real inequality in their value system...wanna do something nice for the communities you visit?.....volunteer at an orphanage or something.....



RE: Dangerous Country

I read all the posts and got lost. I'm planning to go to El Salvador in this August to take surf lessons. I'll stay at the beach in a boutique hotel.
What is the level of danger in such a case? Is it more or less than in Mexico city or Nicaragua?



RE: Dangerous Country

I am truly sorry this was your experience here. I am friends with surfers, both local and tourists, and this is not the norm.

In fact - since earlier this year - a truce between rival gangs has decreased violence dramatically, by 50%. However, when in El Salvador, it's still good to exercise caution.

A good guide to use while in the country is Sipi, at . It's a review site the locals use for businesses/places throughout the country, and helpful in finding the best and safest hotels, restaurants and surf points.



RE: Dangerous Country

Yes, Please go back to Costa! Don't know where you were but it was not El Salvador!
Or maybe you were just confusing the tourist "Brazilians" for El Salvadorians?????

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