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Discription of surf spot: Tartane, Netherlands Antilles

The spot is magical. It is situated in front of a tropical forest on the french island of Martinique in the carribean. Since the spot of Tartane is situated in a small bay, there are no strong currents so all level surfers can attempt to surf the spot. Looking from the beach appears a left handed wave on the left side of the small bay, and a right one on the right side. The water is crystal blue and the bottom is coral reef (which could be the only problem for beginners). The waves are always there and range from 4 feet to 12 feet. Right on the beach is a surf school called "école de surf Madinina" that provides professional teaching and equipment for all levels. The sun is always present, and the green forest is mystical. A truly magical and tropical environment for everybody. By the way there are so many other spots but the one I talked about is the most famous on the Island.

Videos of surfing Tartane

Type of Wave reef break  
Direction left and right 
Bottom coral 
Level Intermediate 
Crowds a normal crowd 
Hazards Sea ursins and coral reef 
Lenght 100-200 meter lenght 
Places to stay surfcamp  
Nearest big city Fort de France 
Nearest airport Le Lamentin 
Other stuff to see & do Surfing is not the only thing to do on the island despite the several great surf spots. Mount Pelée is a volcano that you can climb in 2 hours in a tropical environment and it is beautiful. Especially the view that you get when you reach the top. You can also scubadive, water ski, jet ski... Go swim in crystal water fresh waterfalls and more. Martinique is covered by green tropical forest but also beautiful creol restaurants and cafés. the night life is situated mostly in touristic areas such as The villages called "les trois Ilets" and "Saint Anne" and there would be so many more things to say about the Island but it would be to long. IT IS MAGICAL. 
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