Playa Canoa
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Discription of surf spot: Playa Canoa, Netherlands Antilles

The Swell is very short in the area. So you have to be on it or be in luck. In the hurricane season you can have realy eppic days. The swell can get very bic on those days so the fisherman in the harbor have to stay in and you'll be giving them a show. Big low's in the nord Atlantic of the coast of Florida or Peurto Rico will give massive ground-swell in the winter periode as well as the tropical depressions that cruise the caribean sea. Canoa is a littel bay and when it's big it will break outside. The waves are always different depending on the conditions they are formed in from massive peaks to nice walls, From slowbreaking fomeballs to fast tubes. A lot of the time you have to peaks that are breaking towards eachother giving a launchpath for people who love flighing. Here is where the group surfers (all friend) meet. There are more spots on the Island but you won't find any without their help so be friendly and they will show you.

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Type of Wave reef break  
Direction left and right 
Bottom rock 
Level Intermediate 
Crowds a normal crowd 
Hazards Sea Urgins, Fire coral, getting out of the water is tricky 
Lenght short 
Places to stay no accomodation  
Nearest big city Willemstad 
Nearest airport Hato 
Other stuff to see & do Our Island is one big party. You can do lots of fun thing at night as well as during the day. Diving is very popular, so is sailing. We have lots of beaches in different shapes,sizes and types. It's very easy to hop on a plain or boat to Bonaire or Aruba. Those Islands have surf as well. You will have fun on our Islands for sure but if you want to surf you should plan a long stay to be able to get a Swell. 
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