Zanzibar-North Reefs
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Discription of surf spot: Zanzibar-North Reefs, Tanzania

Various offshore reef breaks from 2ft-6ft+. I surfed a small fun inside reef break after jumping off a snorkelling trip boat (sept 2005) from Nungwi to Mnemba Island. Photographed and saw many large peeling breaks further out but the boat operator was scared of getting too close. Wind came up onshore easterly around 12noon. As far as I could tell no one has ever surfed on Zanzibar before. The locals have never seen a surfboard before and were fasinated with it. Fisherman talked of huge waves in winter. Also closer reef breaks and possible beachbreaks along east coast of Zanzzibar. Stefan Vogel

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Type of Wave reef break  
Direction left and right 
Bottom coral 
Level Expert 
Crowds an empty line-up 
Lenght 100-200 meter lenght 
Places to stay hotels  
Nearest big city Stone Town 
Nearest airport Dar El Salaam 
Other stuff to see & do Beautiful beaches, snorkeling and excellent diving. Good bars and bungalows on the beach. 
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