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Discription of surf spot: Southerndown, Wales

I generally go in at low water and surf it up until the tide reaches the pebble bank. It can be tricky clambering up over the pebbles at full tide. Beware of the current taking you around Trwyn-Y-Wytch point as its a long paddle before you can get out again. This whole coastline in now much less polluted than it used to be owing to the construction of effective sewerage works. Winter continues to see much loss of beach sand due to uncontrolled offshore sand dredging for aggregates.

Videos of surfing Southerndown

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Type of Wave beach break 
Direction left and right 
Bottom sand 
Level Beginner 
Crowds a busy crowd 
Hazards Strong current towards the point on a pushing tide 
Lenght short 
Places to stay motels/ B&B's  
Nearest big city Cardiff 
Nearest airport Cardiff 
Other stuff to see & do Fishing. Loads of Castles to visit. Great Olde Worlde pub at Marcross called "Plough and Harrow". Funfair at Porthcawl.  
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