Surfing Nicaragua

Surfing in Nicaragua, Playa Colordaos, Hacienda Iguana

nicaragua"Nicaragua is blessed with year round offshore winds, great waves for surfers of all levels, and is often called the new Costa Rica, since many americans are now finding their way down to Nicaragua for a surf trip, or even to live there permanently"

Getting there:
Fly into managua international airport, the distance to the beach from Managua varies from 45 minutes to 3 hours. to Iguana it's 2,5 hours.

Roads are the best we have encountered in Central america.

Spanish, but some people speak basic english.

Waves are to be found year round, so are the offshore winds, however best swells are from March -October, However October can be very rainy and so it can be very hard to reach the spots, since lots of the beach access is dirt roads

Cost of living:
Pretty cheap, depending on where you stay, can be as cheap as 10 dollars per night all the way to 250 per day. Local food is excellent and cheap for about 3 dollars per meal for rice , chicken and beans.


- Offshore winds
- Good swell window
- Chilled atmosphere
- Safe
- Beautiful beaches
- Uncrowded

- Rainy seasons
- Some beaches are boat access only

We got invited to have a look at a new development in the south west corner of Nicaragua, close to the town of Rivas. The places we surfed have been featured recently in a number of surf magazines, with Cory Lopez and his friends and another trip saw a group of hawaiians come trough with Andy irons and a few others.

We surfed at a private beach, which can either be entered of you stay in the community or you'll have to rent a boat and get dropped off there.

We will write a full surf travel report soon, however in the mean time , have a look at the SurferDream website since they offer the Nicaragua surf holiday trip we went on now

More info and spots in Nicaragua can be found here on GlobalSurfers..

Check the wave forecast for Nicaragua here:

And here's a wave watch forecast for nearby Costa Rica, that also works for Nicaragua